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We were all doing this Leukemia and Lymphoma Society benefit and Amy had gotten a call like a week before it from Spike TV saying, we are doing this birthday party celebration on tv, Don Rickles is turning 88 and would you and Tina like to come do comedy at it?

marvel petitions


-cast amy poehler as female thor
-change loki to female too
-cast tina fey

Referring to her activities on set of her upcoming film with Fey, The Nest, Poehler says, “We don’t spend a lot of time in our trailer because we’re just happy to be seeing each other. So we’re just goofing around on set a lot.”


Amy Poehler The first time I met Tina I was like, I finally found the woman I want to marry. 
Tina Fey: And then I had to break it to her that that’s not legal.